Flow gets a little less bad

Salesforce.com’s annoying half-a-loaf Flow capability* got a little less egregious with the release of Spring ’22’s Flow Trigger Explorer, which helps an admin visualize the sequencing of Flows:

* Q: “Ezra, how can you think Flow is half-assed when it’s got so many cool toys?”

A: I’m a cynical person. Also, I said “half a loaf”, not “half-assed”. But either will do.

Some things I’d like Salesforce.com to address:

  • should I put all of one object’s automation in a single Flow? lots of different Flows?
  • can I be confident that Flow doesn’t fail in weird, opaque ways?
  • how do I migrate to Flow when there are a million shortcomings in the “Migrate to Flow” tool? namely (courtesy of Salesforce’s Migrate to Flow Tool Considerations help topic):

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