How the Hell Is Salesforce Computing Data Consumption?

Q: “How the Hell is Salesforce computing data consumption?”

A: Let’s start with the basics:

. . . but the short takeaway is “each record is assumed to take up 2 KB”.

This is kinda cool–a record can obviously take up a heckuva lot more than 2 KB. In my company’s org, the long text fields alone could consume more than 1.5 MB of storage for a single record.

There are a couple of weird wrinkles, like junction objects. . .

  • Campaign Members, Opportunity Splits, and Case Team Members DO count against storage.
  • Account and Opportunity Team Members DON’T.

Campaigns. . .

  • each Campaign counts for 8 KB of storage.

Historical Trending. . .

  • each Historical Trending record counts for 1 KB of storage.

and Email Messages’ actual size is computed in determining consumption.

If, like me, you wanted to try replicating Storage Usage’s “Storage” column in, say, a spreadsheet: wonder no more!

If you copy the four columns of the Storage Usage table into a Google Sheet, here’s the Google Sheets formula that will replicate Salesforce’s “Storage” column:

=IFS(A2="Email Messages",
        TEXT(B2,"#,##0"" recs"""),
        IFS(B2*8<1024,TEXT(B2*8,"#,##0 ""KB"""),
            B2*8<1048576,TEXT(B2/1024*8,"#,##0.0 ""MB"""),
            B2*8<1073741824,TEXT(B2/1048576*8,"#,##0.0 ""GB""")),
     OR(A2="Campaign Members",NOT(ISERR(FIND("(Historical)",A2)))),
           IFS(B2<1024,TEXT(B2,"#,##0 ""KB"""),
               B2<1048576,TEXT(B2/1024,"#,##0.0 ""MB"""),
               B2<1073741824,TEXT(B2/1048576,"#,##0.0 ""GB""")),
     B2>0,IFS(B2*2<1024,TEXT(B2*2,"#,##0 ""KB"""),
               B2*2<1048576,TEXT(B2/1024*2,"#,##0.0 ""MB"""),
               B2*2<1073741824,TEXT(B2/1048576*2,"#,##0.0 ""GB""")),
     B2=0,"0 B")

Two notes:

  • this formula assumes “Record Type” was pasted into column A and “Record Count” was pasted into column B.
  • I can’t give you the consumption of Email Messages, alas–it depends on the actual size of the records, which couldn’t be broken down further without, say, downloading EmailMessage via a tool like Data Loader.

If you just wanted to know how many bytes Salesforce claims you’re taking up:

=IFS(A2="Email Messages", TEXT(B2,"#,##0"" recs"""),
     A2="Campaigns", B2*1024*8,
     OR(A2="Campaign Members",NOT(ISERR(FIND("(Historical)",A2)))), B2*1024,
     A2<>"", B2*1024*2)

The same two notes from above apply to this formula as well.

Nice to know that Salesforce is computing its Kilobytes, Megabytes, and Gigabytes honestly, using 1024, 10242, and 10243, and not just slapping zeroes after 1024!

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